About Burnside Apparel


We’re proud of our unique heritage.


Since the beginning, we’ve always been a bit different.

Perhaps it’s because we’re a bit bolder. Perhaps it’s because our culture stands out from the ordinary.

Whatever the reason, Burnside Apparel is redefining the promotional products industry. We’re a unique brand that delivers quality lifestyle apparel for your customers. We think you’ll love what you see.

The Burnside brand began in 1996 as a retail line of fashion woven shirts, inspired by the culture of action sports. A fixture for over 20+ years, Burnside has expanded the retail product line to include Shorts, Boardshorts, Outerwear, Swim & Surf, and more. Whatever lifestyle you lead–whether you’re surfing huge swells or grinding down a sweet rail, the Burnside brand fits your active lifestyle.

Break the mold of the traditional.

Burnside Apparel is the wholesale source for Burnside clothing in the promotional products industry. Building off the success of our retail line, we wanted to offer this unique brand to our customers who are wanting something a bit different. Something fresh–and unexpected.

This brand has no other rival in this industry; you will be able to pioneer new business with little to no competition. These items take inspiration from top leaders in the fashion world and allow you to offer them as a commodity to your customers.

We encourage you to browse our styles and see exactly what we’re talking about.

Burnside® wholesale goods are sold only through a select network of nationwide wholesalers who inventory our products. We do not sell directly to our customers on this site. All purchasing and samples must be done through one of these wholesalers. Please visit our suppliers page for purchasing information, or click on individual products to purchase those styles directly from our suppliers.

For any questions about our styles, feel free to contact us here.